Flavor Options




The sky is the limit! This list includes crowd favorites, but we can make a wide variety of other flavors - if you don’t find something that you would like, or have your heart set on another specific flavor combination, feel free to email us! Additional charges may apply.


Flavors options included in all price quotes:

Chocolate Overload (chocolate cake + chocolate buttercream)

Classic Chocolate (chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream)

Plain Jane (vanilla bean cake + vanilla buttercream)

Rainbow Road (vanilla sprinkle cake + vanilla buttercream)


Flavor options which will reflect an additional $5 per tier:

Bailey's Irish Cream (chocolate cake + Irish Cream buttercream (non-alcoholic))

Churro (cinnamon-sugar cake + cinnamon-sugar buttercream)

Lemon Drop (vanilla cake + lemon curd + vanilla buttercream)

Marble (chocolate & vanilla swirl cake + vanilla buttercream)

Mocha (chocolate cake + mocha buttercream)

Oreo (chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream with crushed Oreos)

Peanut Butter Cup (chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream with chopped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups)

Strawberry Lemonaid (strawberry cake + lemon curd + vanilla buttercream)


Flavor options which will reflect an additional $8 per tier:

Lemon Coconut (vanilla cake + vanilla buttercream + lemon curd + shredded coconut)

Marble Deluxe (vanilla and chocolate swirl cake + fresh strawberries + vanilla buttercream)

Monster Cake (vanilla bean cake baked with crushed Oreos + peanut butter buttercream + mini M&M's)

Nutty Nutella (vanilla bean cake + Nutella buttercream)

Strawberry Bliss (strawberry cake + vanilla buttercream + fresh strawberries)

Strawberry Champagne (strawberry cake + champagne buttercream + fresh strawberries)

Strawberry Crunch (vanilla cake + vanilla buttercream + fresh strawberries + strawberry crunch)

 Sugar Daddy (classic chocolate cake + salted caramel buttercream + caramel drizzle)

 Sugar Mama (vanilla bean cake + salted caramel buttercream + caramel drizzle)

 Toffee Crunch (vanilla cake + salted caramel sauce + chopped Heath bar + vanilla buttercream)

Turtle (chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream + salted caramel sauce + chopped pecans)

Wedding White Raspberry (vanilla bean cake baked with a hint of almond + fresh raspberries + vanilla buttercream)